The illusionist Gianluca Gustanti (Sander)

Unexpected showmanship and surprising emotions!

The illusionist Gianluca Gustanti (Sander) is a internationally renowned artist, with his magic acts always surprising and involving the public in an experience of wonder and amazement.
Sander’s repertoire ranges in the many genres of magical art he masters with the same mastery. From the big stage illusions to the magic of close up, from escapology to prestidigitation and slide of hand, Sander is able to offer his magic acts by inventing new formulas that always make the spectator experience new strong emotions.

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Alison Heather Corris Gustanti

Alison Heather Corris Gustanti is a complete artist, professional international dancer, theatrical actress, quick change artist and illusionist. She is united professionally and in life with Sander.

In the shows of this close-knit duo of magic Alison goes beyond the typical role of the female magician’s partner, being in fact a fundamental part of the show.

Alison’s artistic partnership with Sander has guaranteed to this extraordinary magical couple more than 20 years of international successes!

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