Alison Heather Corris Gustanti

Today, in the extraordinary magician duo, Alison has collected a series of successes on cruise ships, First mentioning the Norwegian Cruise lines and also others of important shipowners. In addition to this, they have thrilled casino audiences like Crasy Horse and other important ones, they have also fascinated television viewers of important television networks and theatres.

The clients of Sander and Alison

Born in the Isle of Mann in 1976.
Alison started her show business career at the young age of eight. Were her first debut was in “Joseph and his Tecnicolour Dream Coat” performing for Prince Edward of England.
Studying and training at Merseyside Dance & Drama Centre she left with a Diploma in Dance & Drama to start performing in all corners of the world.

After years of performing as a Dancer and Actress, more than a decade ago Alison decided for a career change and has been performing to International audiences as an “Illusionist” and “Quick Change Artist”. She has also extended her dressmaking skills and is selling her high quality hand made Quick Change Costumes across the Globe!

Now with 24 years of experience from Theatre, Cabaret, Pop Band Dancer, Cruise Ships and Television work. Alison is proud to have had the opportunity to work for Casino San Remo (Italy), Perla Casino (Slovenia), Royal Caribbean Cruises, Costa Cruises, Festival Cruises, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Princess Cruises, Gramaldi, Ibero Jet, Swiss Hotel (Egypt & Istanbul), Gaiety Theatre (Scotland), Opera house (Blackpool), Gaiety Theatre (Blackpool), Wonderwest World (Scotland), Touring company pop band “Breeze”, the BBC.

Alison is looking forward to another season of shows………