Gianluca Gustanti Sander

Today, in the extraordinary magician duo, Sander has collected a series of successes on cruise ships, First mentioning the Norwegian Cruise lines and also others of important shipowners. In addition to this, they have thrilled casino audiences like Crazy Horse and other important ones, they have also fascinated television viewers of important television networks and theatres.

The clients of Sander and Alison

SANDER – Professional Magician
Illusion, mystery, and magic… have always fascinated mankind to their ability to distort reality and give free play to the imagination.
MAGO SANDER, whose real name is GIANLUCA GUSTANTI, was entranced by the world of fantasy at a very early age. While still a child this calling led him to discover all the secrets of the magic arts, in which he proved extremly gifted. Before long, thanks to the guiding hand of his master, MAGO BLACK MAN, acquired a prestigious repertoire which allowed him to exhibit his skills in public with great acclaim.

In 1985, at the age of 16, he made his debut on television in Tuscany in “DON MASINO TIFOSO FIORENTINO”, with GHIGO MASINO amd WANDA PASQUINI. After that his rise to national television was rapid and in 1998 this nineteenyear old magician was a guest on the programme “BIS” conducted by MIKE BONGIORNO on CANALE 5 .

Thanks to his friendship and collaboration with another young magician, MAGO EDMAN, a firm relationship sprang up and from 1989 until 1992 they were both permanent guests at the prize giving of “SUPERBINGO” for the newspaper LA NAZIONE of Florence, as well as making numerous apparences on RTV 38 and TELEREGIONE. His friend GIORGIO ARIANI was also struck by the skill and dexterity of this young magician and in 1990 he included him in the cast of his show “ANCHE I GRASSI HANNO UN’ANIMA”. In 1991 his skills were once again in the limelight when he took part in the show “SCHERZI A PARTE” on CANALE 5, while in 1993 he appared in “SERVIZIO A DOMICILIO” with GIANCARLO MAGALLI.

Despite his success on national television MAGO SANDER has no forgotten his beginnins, and has appeared on numerous occasions in local Florentine programmes on “TELE PIRATA”. TOSCANA TV, ITALIA 7, CANALE 10 and RETE 37. But all artists, and magicians more than others, need direct contact with their audiences, and for this reason MAGO SANDER continued his mini tours, taking part in festivals, village fairs and Tuscan theatrical shows at TEATRO VERDI and TEATRO TENDA in Florence, TEATRO METROPOLITAN in Siena, as well as show at Montecatini with RENATO ZERO and TONY DALLARA.

By 1992, at the age of 23, SANDER has already accumulated a wide experience in all the aspects of the world of magic, including manipulation, micromagic, the apparition of animals…

At this stage his was ready to break into the world of the grand illusion of wich DAVID COPPERFIELD is the refrerence point, and like whom he wanted to attempt the impossible.

On September 7, 1992 he decided to try an exceptional experiment: in front of 15.000 people and the telecameras of the RAI he had himself chained by three spectators, after which he was closed first in one box and then in another; both tightly sealed with nails, and thrown into the River Arno. After one and half monutes SANDER managed to reemerged, unharmed and unchained. This was the beginning of his GRAND MAGIC!

This experiment was repeated with success on august 5, 1995 in the Olimpic pool of Colle Val d’Elsa. During the ‘94/’95 season he was a guest on the television progremme “FRIZZANTISSIMA” on TELE MONDO. In 1998 he was the author, star and director of a programme on magic in 45 episodes, called the “SANDER MAGIC SHOW” that went to air daily on VIDEO FIRENZE and made him extremely popular among Tuscan spectators. The experience gained allowed him to take another step up the ladder of success with his appearance in the winter of 1998/99 in 12 pisodes of PAOLO LIMITI’s show “IO AMO GLI ANIMALI”.
Howeve SANDER’s desire was to make a name for himself outside Italy as well, and he enthusiastically accepted the idea of setting sail on pleasure cruisers where he further polished his skills, concentrating mainly on the extraordinary effects of the Grand Illusions. Some of these cruisers included Princess Cruises, Royal Caribbean, Mediterranean Shipping Company, Festival , Grimaldi, Grandi Navi Veloci, Costa Crociera, Ibero Jet, (from 1999 to 2009).

Also performances at the Casino of San Remo (Italy), Casino Perla (Slovenia).
In May 2000 Florence was the backdrop to an exceptional event: the second marriage of Mrs. Courtney Ross, heiress and owner of the famous American film company Warner Bross. One of the artists invited to help entertain at the sumptuous reception was MAGO SANDER and on this occasion he got to know famous characters like STEVEN SPIELBERG, who were all fascinated by the skils of this young magician….